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Fundraiser !!!

Paragliding Rescue System
July 19, 2018

As you know, my project is stuck because I have financial issues . In order to continue, I need to gather money or raise some funds in order to bring in the country a second glider from Netherlands, some paragliders etc. I need to pay the shipping for these items, as well as the logistics, construction of a deposit, rental, materials and some other stuff. In Romania, the way of thinking is poor , people do have the intention of saying " I have nothing to offer, but I do have an Audi A5 parked in front of my office, I can help you with a simple Facebook like if you want, Ministry of European Funds And the Ministry of Economy say we won't give funds to those we don't want to... " That is why I chose not to make public my personal details so it is logic that I cannot provide transparency for this project, in order to avoid community issues.

That is why I would like to go to bank agencies, lawyers and accountant offices etc and discuss in person with them about my project in order to raise funds by the following methods:

  • cash (to be avoided)
  • bank wire
  • Paypal

All donors and sponsors will be written here, with their first name only or their first and last name (only if they agree, according to GDPR) or the name of the agency/company/office which they work for.